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Special thanks to our friends at Crumley Roberts and at The Red Affect Boutique who have supported us each step of the way! 

Thank you to our Little Red Jumpsuit Foundation Volunteers:

Beverly Sanders, Lauren Watson, Tina Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Jim Turner, Chris Roberts, Matthew Roberts and Eli Roberts!

Scholarships applications are now available at CrumleyRoberts.com


Life, Results, Joy, Tomorrow

Celebrating, Encouraging and Empowering Women, Businesses and Communities Through Education, Inspiration and Scholarship©


"The mission of KSR Productions, LLC and the Little Red Jumpsuit Tour is to Celebrate, Encourage and Empower women, businesses and communities through Education, Inspiration and Scholarship.  Life is a wonderful journey filled with so many possibilities, but we need to be healthy as individuals, as business owners and as communities to enjoy all of its moments.  Whatever has happened up to this moment in our lives is now history and we all have the ability to shape our own future - to write our own story.  It may be a story of our personal journey as a woman, a story of our journey and contribution as a business owner or the story of creating stronger and safer communities for future generations.  In order to do this, we must be willing to leave our past behind and move on to a new tomorrow.  Cheers to a today filled with joy followed by a healthy, happy and exciting tomorrow.  My wish for you is a tomorrow worthy of the gift of life you've been given and that, when tomorrow comes, you take your opportunity to make the most of it.  

I want to inspire you to move forward as a woman, as a business and as a community. 

Then, I want to give you a way to do it." 

-Kimberly Roberts



Little Red Jumpsuit focuses on the importance of LIFE-long learning on the journey to greater health and happiness. Together, we will talk about small changes that can have a huge impact on your overall health and develop a strategy to bring you the best RESULTS as you continue moving forward.



Little Red Jumpsuit celebrates the moments in our lives that matter - the ones that bring true JOY, meaning and purpose.  Our goal is to help you move forward to a more fulfilling TOMORROW.

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KSR Productions, LLC, Little Red Jumpsuit and The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour remain committed to the importance of life-long learning and growing.  Scholarships are available for young women who are interested in furthering their education in college and also for women of all ages who are ready to take the next step in writing the next chapter of their lives.  Contact us for more information about our scholarship program.  Our scholarship programs are powered by our sister organization, The Red Affect.  Please visit www.TheRedAffect.com for more information.


Little Red Jumpsuit provides a special, positive and uplifting program for tween and teen girls entitled #BeTheLight.  #BeTheLight celebrates the unique gifts of each young lady while also warning of the dangers of peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and distracted driving.  #BeTheLight is an anti-bullying program designed to reinforce the importance of strong female friendships as tween and teen girls navigate friendships and other relationships in an on-line world.

Little Red Jumpsuit Community Programs and The Red Affect

KSR Productions, LLC remains committed to the empowerment and forward advancement of women, their families and their communities. KSR Productions recognizes and promotes  businesses and business owners who honor the unique and important contribution of women in the workplace.  Our Little Red Jumpsuit Community Initiative works with community leaders, churches and other organizations to create healthier and safer communities for future generations.  10% of profits from merchandise sold in The Red Affect Boutique at www.TheRedAffect.com goes toward educational scholarship programs benefitting girls and women.  Please contact us to get more information about any of these programs.

Let's move forward together...

Little Red Jumpsuit, LRJT and Community Programs

Please contact Kimberly Roberts for more information!

2400 Freeman Mill Rd, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406, United States

Little Red Jumpsuit Tour and its sister, The Red Affect Boutique, are powered by KSR Productions, LLC.

Little Red Jumpsuit, the Motivational Speaking Tour, Little Red Jumpsuit Community Programs and The Red Affect are presented by KSR Productions, LLC with sponsorship provided by Crumley Roberts, LLP.  KSR Productions, LLC proudly supports women, families, businesses and communities throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond.  20% of the profits from merchandise sold in 

The Red Affect Boutique go to educational scholarship opportunities 

benefitting girls and women. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Click here to contact Kimberly for more information about our Motivational Speaking Tour, our Community Programs, The Red Affect Boutique or our Scholarships.

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